Welcome to Hattrick Consulting Inc.

No matter the size of your company or organization, Hattrick Consulting is able to address all of your information technology needs.
  • Technologies and Methodologies

    Hattrick Consulting uses best-in-class technologies and proven methodologies to deliver solutions that meet your organization’s unique requirements within your timeline and budget.

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    Technologies and Methodologies
  • Database Design and Data Migration

    At Hattrick Consulting, we understand the importance of a properly designed and secure database to store one of your company’s most valuable assets – your data and information

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    Database Design and Data Migration
  • Online Marketing Services

    We can manage your Google Adwords and related campaigns, saving you the stress and time. We will track all of your campaign metrics, and ensure that they are in alignment with your company vision.

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    Online Marketing Services
  • Enterprise Content Management

    The online world runs on information. Managing your company’s data effectively within your business and in your Internet ventures can provide you with added credibility in the modern business world.

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    Enterprise Content Management
  • Project Management and Business Analysis

    In today’s economy, when enhancing your organization’s information systems, there is simply no margin for error. The costs of building systems that don’t meet your business needs are too high to consider.

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    Project Management and Business Analysis
  • GIS & Geospatial Design

    By adding additional layers of insight to almost every application, including websites and smartphone apps, geospatial data provides tremendous value to applications for both governments and businesses.

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    GIS & Geospatial Design
  • Software Design and Development

    Are you looking for great software design and development skills in a technology partner? If you are looking for an energetic and qualified partner to help you with your project, consider Hattrick Consulting.

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    Software Design and Development
  • Web Development and SEO

    Whether your business needs a new online marketing strategy, professional web development services, or you’re looking to improve on your existing tactics, we can help you achieve long-term success.

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    Web Development and SEO

GIS & Geospatial Design

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Enterprise Content Management

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Web Development & SEO

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