What Is ArcGIS – An Overview

What is ArcGIS and how can it help my organization with cartography? ArcGIS by Esri enables users to easily create and work with maps, as well as to compile and analyze geographic data. The system includes tools to produce high-quality maps, create and manage geodatabases, analyze mapped information, among many other features.

ArcGIS provides the user with invaluable insight and increased understanding of geographic information, enabling them to make better-informed decisions.

Organizations typically use ArcGIS for planning and analysis, asset/data management, operational awareness and for their field workforce.

What is ArcGIS for Desktop?

ArcGIS for desktop provides a complete suite of design and management solutions.

What is ArcGIS?

Simply install on your computer, and you’re ready to start mapping. It includes powerful modeling and analysis tools, editing tools, easy map production and data sharing.

ArcGIS for Desktop includes pre-defined map templates, a suite of map elements and graphics as well as a large library of samples, so that you can effortlessly produce first-rate, layered maps. It also allows users to automate many aspects of map production, so they can focus their time on other projects.

Users can easily customize their ArcGIS for Desktop interface by creating new toolbars, changing a command’s icon and adding shortcuts for frequently used commands. This customizationg enhances user productivity and ensures quick access to relevant information. ArcGIS for Desktop offers extensions and free add-ons if one is needing specialized capabilities, including ArcSketch, a no-cost add-on that allows the user to create features with sketch tools and ArcGIS 3D Analyst, an extension that allows the user to analyze their data in 3D.

What is ArcGis for Desktop Pricing?

ArcGIS for Desktop is available in three license levels including, Basic, Standard, and Advanced. Each level has it’s own pricing. You can also try the software risk-free by signing up for a 60-day trial.

What is ArcGIS Online?

With ArcGIS Online, you can seamlessly share your maps and data with other users on a variety of devices. There is no need to install any software – it’s ready to use in just a few clicks. All of your data is hosted in a centralized location in the cloud for anyone you allow to access. If required, you can restrict who has access to your maps and information.

With ArcGIS Online you can collaborate with other users in your organization, and share your maps and projects with anyone on your team. Easily share your maps on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and blogs. ArcGIS Online makes teamwork and distribution simple without the need to worry about the infrastructure costs of hosting the platform yourself.

While it provides for great possibilities and takes away the need for a self-managed infrastructure, ArcGIS Online is still a relatively new offering so its full potential remains to be seen.

What is ArcGIS Online Pricing?

ArcGIS Online subscription plans provide pricing based upon the number of users and service credits. The licensing can be complicated as they utilize a credit system, which is not spelled out very clearly on their site. You can also try ArcGIS Online free for 30 days.