Geospatial Cloud Platform

Location-aware services are driving the mobile application revolution!

Leveraging years of architecture and development experience, Hattrick Consulting provided the architecture, development and cloud-based expertise in implementing the geospatial cloud platform for GeoWorld Outdoors. Where speed is everything, the platform provides a list of geo-based APIs for consumption by mobile applications.

Need to find the nearest lake or point of interest? Or do you need to track species migrations based on environmental factors or human activity?  The GeoWorld Outdoors geospatial platform provides sub-second queries inside an n-tier, robust and secure framework.

Cloud Computing

Hattrick Consulting designed, developed and implemented the geospatial cloud platform for GeoWorld Outdoors.

Geospatial Cloud Platform Components

Solution components include:

  • Cloud-based software as a service (Saas) framework in an n-tiered infrastructure.
  • Load balanced and dynamically scalable environment to support variable usage patterns.
  • Application services optimized for performance and reusability.
  • Data services with abstraction that provides an extensible model to meet long term needs.
  • A security model to identify and limit intrusion attempts, and provide authentication services using industry standards.
  • A development environment that mimics the production environment in structure, performance and security.
  • A code promotion process whereby data and application components are deployed seamlessly to the production environment.

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