Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada WCMS

The Web Content Management System (WCMS) project is responsible for streamlining and enhancing web publishing processes and capabilities to support the electronic communication and service delivery needs for Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC). The introduction of the WCMS provides an improved and standardized web publishing capability to content authors across AANDC.

The project involved a comprehensive architecture assessment of a previous WCMS implementation, provided business requirements analysis and planning, and involved a retooling of major solution components (i.e.: workflows, web forms, presentation layer management, content and code deployments and auto-classification) to provide greater long-term solution flexibility and better solution performance.

WCMS Project Deliverables

  • Solution components:
    • Implementing a WCMS that involves core Government of Canada core solution components, including TeamSite, MetaTagger, Workflow Modeller, OpenDeploy, DataDeploy, and the related integrating technologies such as XML, Java and JavaScript;
    • Integration of MetaTagger and MetaTagger Studio with TeamSite using a Java Model View Controller (MVC) framework; and
    • First Government of Canada implementation of multilingual content reuse in conjunction with a user-managed information architecture management framework.
  • Development of a comprehensive documentation library including:
    • Development of key project documents including functional specifications for key solution components including workflows, data capture templates, presentation layer and metadata management;
    • Development of key test plans and instruments to support unit, integration and regression testing; and
    • Development of key project documents including a comprehensive solution architecture, key functional and technical design documents for content life cycle management, including data capture, workflow, deployments, metadata and auto-population.
AANDC website powered the WCMS

The Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada website powered by the HP Interwoven-based WCMS.