Canadian Heritage WCMS

The Canadian Heritage Web Transformation Strategy was a 3-year plan to improve the client experience online and reduce support costs. Powered by a web content management solution (WCMS), the departmental Web channel provides an integrated, interactive online experience that is client-driven. Information and services are packaged around client needs, based on research and client feedback, and performance is evaluated against pre-defined targets.

A component of the Web Transformation project involved implementing a Web Content Management Solution (WCMS) to streamline and enhance Web publishing processes and capabilities. A key outcome of the project included an improved and standardized Web publishing capability for content authors across Canadian Heritage.

To support the development of the WCMS, Canadian Heritage required the services of an experienced team to plan and implement a WCMS solution, based on the Interwoven shared Government of Canada WCMS Solution.

WCMS Project Deliverables

  • Development of a key requirements, project planning and architecture documents including:
    • Key functional and technical specifications for solution components including workflows, auto-classification, search tools, data capture templates, deployments and presentation layer management;
    • Project planning and management documents including schedules, issues and risk logs, status reports; and
    • Comprehensive solution architecture that indentifies the approach to system, data, application and security layer management of the WCMS.
  • Development of key strategy and planning documents:
    • Information Architecture (IA) framework to support the incremental implementation of a new IA, and to establish guiding principles for future enhancements to the IA; and
    • Evaluation framework development to support a comprehensive view of channel performance including usage, trends, quality, credibility andĀ find-ability.
  • Installation and configuration of key WCMS infrastructure components:
    • Development and implementation of an automated build process to support continuous integration of code to all environments; and
    • Installation and configuration of key environments including development, sandbox, integration and production.
  • Architecture of a number of Government of Canada firsts:
    • First use of workflow modeller to support content roll-backs and to support deployment dependency checking; and
    • Development of the first fully Linux-based, fully virtualized WCMS solution leveraging TeamSite, OpenDeploy, DataDeploy and MetaTagger.
    • Development of the first information architecture management utility to leverage a common WCMS platform, allowing complete management by end users with no technical support required.
Canadian Heritage website powered the WCMS

The Canadian Heritage website powered by the HP Interwoven-based WCMS.