Canadian Food Inspection Agency WCMS

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) wished to implement the Government of Canada Web Content Management Solution (WCMS) to support the Public Affairs section of the CFIA website.  The WCMS project involved developing a proof-of-concept to demonstrate the capacity of the WCMS to support the content management needs of CFIA.

Pilot Project

The pilot project involved validating requirements, developing the foundation architecture to support the long-term needs of CFIA and designing and developing a WCMS solution to support the “Food Safety Network”. The pilot project successfully confirmed alignment of the shared Government of Canada WCMS with the needs of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

Production Implementation

With the success of the pilot project, CFIA decided to implement a production version of the Government of Canada WCMS to support the content management needs needs for the CFIA website.

The CFIA WCMS implementation was broken into three streams:

  1. Stream I – Project Planning and Project Management: Stream I involved completing the necessary planning required to support the development and deployment of the WCMS. In addition, this stream included overall project oversight and coordination to ensure that all activities were managed and tracked.
  2. Stream II – Infrastructure Setup & Roll-out: Stream II involved completing the implementation of the solution infrastructure including the development, test and production environments for the WCMS. This stream involved developing an automated code release and build management process to ensure that code is seamlessly and systematically deployed between environments and across departments into the publicly-accessible web zone.
  3. Stream III – Solution Development & Refinement: Stream III involved developing, testing and deploying the initial release of the WCMS, which leveraged the core functionality developed with the pilot solution, as well as the functionality developed as part of other similar implementations within the Government of Canada.

WCMS Project Deliverables

  • Development of requirements, project planning and architecture documents including:
    • Technical and functional specifications for the WCMS solution components including workflows, auto-classification, search tools, data capture templates, metadata management, deployments and presentation layer management;
    • Project planning and management documents including schedules, issues and risk logs, and status reports;
    • A comprehensive solution architecture that identified the approach to system, data, application and security layer management of the WCMS; and
    • Key design documents, including those for controlled vocabulary management within the WCMS, as well as integration of published CFIA Food Recalls with Health Canada.
  • Development of key strategy and planning documents:
    • Content migration framework to support a seamless transition of content between the new site and the legacy site.
  • Architecture of a number of Government of Canada WCMS firsts, including:
    • Content reuse framework to simplify and expedite the creation of plant variety records;
    • Cross-departmental WCMS integration to support the accurate and timely delivery of Food Recall information from CFIA to Health Canada; and
    • Reusable metadata migration strategy and management framework to allow for better end user management of metadata while removing the dependency of the WCMS on vendor classification tools.
CFIA website powered by the WCMS

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency website powered by the HP Interwoven-based WCMS.