Citizenship and Immigration Canada WCMS

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) required an enterprise Web Content Management Solution (WCMS) to support the Going to Canada Immigration Portal (GTCIP). The GTCIP WCMS project was responsible for streamlining and enhancing web publishing processes and capabilities to support the electronic communication and service delivery needs of CIC. This project was a ministerial priority that was intended to provide an improved Internet website to clients with better online access to reliable, timely and trusted information about CIC programs and services. This project was a key component of the Service Delivery Strategy for the department.

Using the shared Government of Canada WCMS as a basis, CIC wished to develop their own WCMS to allow the department authors to easily publish content to the portal; to leverage automated publishing approvals and to provide tools that would improve metadata management, thereby improving the discovery of content.

WCMS Project Deliverables

  • Development of key functional components including:
    • Development of numerous workflows to support content governance;
    • Development of various web forms to help standardize content sources; and
    • Implementation of MetaTagger to support auto-classification of content using summarizers and classifiers, and for schema management.
  • Installation and configuration of:
    • Three major production releases, each of which included requirements gathering, functional and technical design, development, testing, user acceptance, certification and deployment;
    • The initial WCMS solution, which leveraged the core Government of Canada WCMS base solution, including TeamSite, MetaTagger, Oracle, OpenDeploy, DataDeploy, and Oracle Application Server 10G;
    • Multiple platform upgrades including those required for the application and security layers;
    • a continuous integration framework based on a code version system and OpenDeploy to support a robust code and configuration deployments; and
    • a development toolset including Eclipse, VSS and data modeling tools.
  • Implementation of many GC firsts:
    • Implementation of the first all Java WCMS solution implemented within the Government of Canada;
    • Implementation of the first Java framework to support Java-based MetaTagger and Workflow Modeller implementation; and
    • Development of the first complete WCMS solution architecture identifying and documenting presentation, data, application, system and security layers of the WCMS solution.
  • Development of a comprehensive documentation library including:
    • Development of a CIC specific Metadata Application Profile;
    • Development of key project documents including functional and technical specifications for key solution components, including workflows, data capture templates and the presentation layer;
    • Development of key test plans and instruments to support unit and regression testing;
    • Development of key project documents including a comprehensive solution architecture, Certification and Release Processes, key functional and technical design documents for workflow, data capture, metadata and auto-population.
Going to Canada Information Portal was later managed via the WCMS

The Going to Canada Information Portal was eventually moved to the WCMS.