Public Health Agency of Canada WCMS

The Public Health Agency of Canada acquired licenses for the Government of Canada standard Web Content Management Solution (WCMS), including those for Interwoven TeamSite, OpenDeploy and all related modules.  As a result of this acquisition, a project pilot was initiated with the following objectives:

  1. Determine the best-fit system architecture, including server configuration, operating system platform, and environment and application topology for the WCMS prototype;
  2. Develop a suitable content model, and related workflow and publishing process to meet the prototype requirements of the Public Health Agency of Canada;
  3. Determine the costs and resources required to do a full scale implementation of the WCMS;
  4. Develop a long-term plan that identifies the key functionality that will be developed and that will identify key audiences;
  5. Work closely with full-time PHAC employees, from project start-up through to implementation, to ensure that PHAC can eventually take over management and maintenance of the WCMS solution;
  6. Engage key stakeholders to solicit requirements and secure projects buy-in; and
  7. Develop a WCMS solution suitable for agency-wide deployment that will allow for a distributed Web publishing model.

WCMS Results

The pilot WCMS solution included a considerable reuse of the core WCMS solution developed at other Government of Canada departments, and lead to a significant reduction in the initial development effort and related costs for the pilot.  The pilot included key functionality such as workflows to support content governance and approval, web forms to support distributed publishing, and auto-classification tools to support the automated application and management of metadata.