Database Design and Data Migration

At Hattrick Consulting, we understand the importance of a properly designed and secure database to store one of your company’s most valuable assets – your data and information

From small to large projects, we provide database design and data migration professional services to meet your current and future needs. We will work with you to ensure your requirements are met within your timeline and budget.

Database Design

At Hattrick Consulting we understand that you require a robust foundation for your database that can accommodate your data processing requirements. Our team will deliver a carefully planned database design that provides maximum operating efficiency, fewer exchanges and a reduced server load. Our databases are built to your specifications, improving your organization’s productivty and streamlining your business processes.

Our team will discuss with you your projects objectives, the purpose of the database and how the data will be divided as part of a requirements analysis. During the design process we will create a data model outlining the parameters and architecture of your database. We will work with you to organize the information into a normalized structured database that is scalable and can be extended as your project requirements change.

Hattrick Consulting has expertise in best of class database architecture technologies including MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL, and PostgreSQL. With years of database design experience, our team’s advanced knowledge in database applications has helped numerous businesses with both small and large projects, resulting in increased productivity and decreased overhead costs.

Data Migration

Database Design and Data Migration

Properly executed data migration is critical to any upgrade project.

Properly executed data migration is critical to any upgrade project. That is why it is so important to hire a team of professionals that can properly perform a migration without loss of data or productivity. Hattrick Consulting has a proven track record at migrating data securely and efficiently. From planning and execution, to testing and reporting, our team can get the job done while avoiding unnecessary disruption or data loss.

Many data migration projects can be time consuming and costly. After discussing the project goals with you, we will help you to select the best approach to your data migration that will minimize downtime. Once the new database schema is built, our team will work quickly to migrate your legacy data securely.

At Hattrick, we pride ourselves in providing innovative data solutions and excellent customer service. We have worked with numerous organizations to provide secure and reliable database design and data migration professional services. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and find out how we can provide a solution that meets your specifications on time and within budget.