Enterprise Content Management

The online world runs on information. Managing your company’s data effectively within your business and in your Internet ventures can provide you with added credibility in the modern business world.

At Hattrick Consulting, we can create the right solutions for your company. Our enterprise content management tools increase productivity while respecting the security requirements for your vital corporate data. Hattrick’s IT management solutions include the full range of enterprise content management services, including the following:

  • Web content management systems that create a solid foundation for your online marketing and communications strategies
  • Digital asset management tools that allow you to manage these valuable media files more efficiently
  • Records management services, including long-term storage and centralized data storage strategies
  • Document management tools that provide tiered levels of access for employees

These advanced solutions are designed to provide your company with the tools necessary to achieve greater control over your data in terms of access, security and compliance.

Enterprise Content Management

ECM systems are designed to provide organizations with the tools necessary to achieve greater control over data.

Website Content Management Systems (WCMS)

Hattrick Consulting delivers website content management services that provide real results in the online world. We have a track record for success; in fact, we were the architects of over half the website content management implementations based on the HP Interwoven Platform for the Government of Canada. Our knowledge in this field coupled with our experience in SEO ensures that your company will enjoy the most effective website content management strategies. These cutting-edge tools can help to build your corporate reputation, enhance your visibility and improve your overall position in the online marketplace.

Digital Asset Management

At Hattrick, we deliver solid solutions for managing media content and digital files and maintaining the right levels of access within your company while respecting security requirements. We can organize your corporate digital assets for greater efficiency. Additionally, we can boost productivity throughout your company by allowing you to use these data resources to best advantage internally and for external marketing campaigns. When necessary, we can even help you to migrate these files to new platforms to streamline your digital asset management strategy.

Records Management

At Hattrick, we can help you manage your ongoing document storage needs. We specialize in providing secure solutions for long-term storage, classification, archiving and eventual disposal of your corporate records. Hattrick puts its in-depth knowledge of electronic documents and records management to work to ensure your company’s data is protected throughout its useful life.

Documents Management

Tracking and retrieving important files, contracts and other corporate data can be challenging in today’s fast-paced environment. Hattrick can help with advanced storage and archival services that include cloud computing solutions as well as on-site data storage. We also offer ongoing support for your information management needs. At Hattrick, we can design real solutions that combine cutting-edge technologies with accepted strategies for success in short and long-term data storage and contract management needs.

At Hattrick Consulting, we go above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of your enterprise content management strategy works to support your company’s goals. Our in-depth knowledge and experience can help your company achieve greater success in its chosen field. We can ensure that your data is properly managed at every level of your organization. Give us a call or drop us a line today to learn more about how Hattrick can help you put your data to work for you.