Project Management and Business Analysis

In today’s economy, when enhancing your organization’s information systems, there is simply no margin for error. The costs of building systems that don’t meet your business needs are too high to consider.

It is vital that potential projects undergo a thorough business analysis to ensure that the project’s deliverables will meet your business needs, and that project management is in place to ensure that the development stays true to these requirements, stays on time and under budget.

Hattrick Consulting is an IT company that provides Business Analysis and Project Leadership to government and private industry. Both of these processes are vital to a successful software development project, and Hattrick Consulting is available to provide these services with experienced and professional staff.

Business Analysis

The process of Business Analysis begins with a Hattrick consultant gathering a thorough understanding of your current business processes, including both the gaps to be filled and the existing workflows, noting where processes can be enhanced, and where they must remain unchanged. These “business requirements” are then used as a basis for designing a solution. This solution is then documented in a “functional specification” which describes the functionality of the software and how it addresses the business requirements. This functional specification then in turn forms the basis for a “technical specification”, which is used as the blueprint for all development activities by the development team. Aligning the technical specifications with the functional specifications, and therefore with the business requirements, ensures that the finished software addressed your specific needs. This analysis allows for the prediction of the ROI of a project with a high degree of confidence, allowing you to plan your organization’s technology road map to meet your current and emerging business needs.

Project Management & Leadership

Hattrick Consulting provides project leadership to guide your project to a successful, timely, and on-budget completion. Project leadership is offered at two levels: the business leader and the technical leader. Using industry standard tools such as MS Project your Hattrick business leader will manage milestones, resources, and timelines, keeping aware of the progress of the development. He will react as necessary to minimize delays and manage risk so as to keep the project focused on the design and the business requirements that it addresses. The business leader acts as a bridge between you and the development team, keeping you informed of the progress of the project from a business perspective, allowing you to see the “big picture” without the need to stay on top of the technical details of the development team. The technical leader, meanwhile, will be directly responsible for the implementation of the project, managing the day-to-day work of the development itself. The technical leader will also ensure that the deliverables are tested and that the completed solution is of high quality.

Project Management

Successful projects are a result of great project management.

Without business analysis and project leadership, technology enhancements run the risk of consuming considerable time and money with little or no return. Hattrick Consulting can provide you with highly experienced and professional consultants to take your new software from initial business need to in-use product, reducing risk and maximizing ROI for a finished solution tailored to your needs. Please contact Hattrick Consulting today for Business Analysis and Project Leadership services, and turn your needs into effective and efficient solutions.