Software Design and Development

Are you looking for great software design and development skills in a technology partner? If you are looking for an energetic and qualified partner to help you with your project, consider Hattrick Consulting.

We are a small boutique firm in Ottawa, Ontario, dedicated to getting the job right and exceeding the expectations of our clients.

At Hattrick Consulting, we understand that a company or organization is only as good as the technologies behind them. We also understand that not keeping up with the times can make the difference between failure and success in today’s modern world. This is why we strive to help companies and organizations just like yours increase their productivity, effectiveness, and bottom-lines. Whether you need a little advice or have a full-blown software design and development project for us, we are ready and waiting to help you over all of your hurdles.

Software Design and Development

Software design and development using proper methodologies is key to successful projects

Hattrick Consulting has experience in creating and maintaining different types of technological solutions for today’s companies, organizations, and agencies. While we are a small boutique firm, we provide access to senior resources and expertise to help with your software design and development needs. Large IT consulting firms are more worried about their bottom line, and it is not unusual for their clients to fall between the cracks. However, by working with Hattrick Consulting, you will not only have qualified professionals working on your project, but you will also be engaged every step of the way.

When you choose to work with our firm, you are more than a client – you are part of the team. And Hattrick Consulting knows a little about teamwork. Each problem or project our clients hand us is tackled by a small team of qualified and experienced professionals. In the event that we are unable to handle a request directly, we also have a number of experts on stand-by that we can call on when necessary.

Agile Software Development

Because we use agile software development methods, your participation is an integral part of completing your project. In fact, you will be able to influence the professionals working on your project and help create a truly unique piece of software. The agile software development and design method also means that we strive to keep our code simple, and we are constantly testing it to ensure that it meets all of your needs and requirements. This means that, in the end, you will be getting a working software application that was built to your specifications. Since there is a good chance your requirements will change with time, we will also work with you to alter and update your software applications so they suit your needs.

We work with companies and organizations of all sizes, from small family owned shops to large government organizations. In the future, we look forward to working with new clients of all sorts. If you are ready to work with the fully qualified IT professionals who get the job done right, let Hattrick Consulting be your tech solution. Contact us today, and find out what we can accomplish together.